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For the geeks

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This site uses the Django web framework. It started as a Pinax site, but much of the Pinax code has then been ripped out. The backend is a postgresSQL database; the site is hosted on a kimsufi dedicated server.
Oh, and by the way: the HTML is (mostly Emoticon smile) standards compliant.

Some of the source code used in this site has been released as follows:

  • The contact page. A basic contact page protected by a reCaptcha
  • The chat system used in the lobbies to allow players to communicate. Most of the code has been packaged into a Django app and released, FriendcodeConnect extends this codebase to add extra features used by this site.
  • The forum. This is a branch of Ross Poulton's forum app, to which I expect to add various features as the site grows. Some of these features might be of use to others!